shu re Beauty Moisturising Cream

shu re Beauty Moisturising Cream
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Outstanding in Appearance | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“shata shuzo co., ltd., is a sake brewery founded in 1823. shu re Beauty Moisturising Cream is their first cosmetic product: 100% natural with α-EG, an ingredient produced during sake brewing. Through a joint research with Kanazawa institute of Technology, they have demonstrated (for the first time in the world) that α-EG has high moisturising ability: increasing the collagen density of the dermal layer.

The shu re series also offers a sake that contains 3 times more α-EG than regular sake. The packaging design depicts two red cheeks: an imagery of a woman’s red flushed face after consuming alcohol. Apply for the outside and drink for the inside: we hope our products can assist women to preserve their beauty.”

Client: shata shuzo co., ltd.
Design Company: Hotchkiss Co., Ltd.
Design: Yoichi Hisamatsu
Country: Japan

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