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Punggi Ginseng Store
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"Newness to standardized package designs of Korean Ginseng products

Our design concept is Newness/Freshness to traditional Korean Ginseng products.
Traditionally, Korean Ginseng product packages are all over with red & gold two colors only. But no product differentiation in colors.
Punggi Ginseng Store wanted to put new visual experience to our ginseng products.
Why there are only red & gold colors for ginseng product packages?
Red & gold colors represent the royal colors because of the traditional king & queen's outfit colors. 
Current standardized packages of ginseng products are all intended to follow the royal image by using those two colors only.

White, color of Korea
White, color of Korean Ginseng

Koreans have been called as 'white-clad folk' for their customs wearing white clothing.
In Korean culture, White is a sacred color which represents ones' pureness, modesty and dignity.
Why no white packages for Korean Ginseng products so far?White is the key color which started this project.
Punggi Ginseng Store represents the historical value of White color for Koreans and newness to world-renowned Korean specialty 'Korean Ginseng' products."

Full product lineup:
Punggi Ginseng Store 'Ginseng Package'
Punggi Ginseng Store 'Honeyed Red Ginseng Slices'
Punggi Ginseng Store 'Red Ginseng Juice'

Company: Punggi Ginseng Store
Creative Director: Jaejun Lee
Designer: JeanSK
Managing Director: Sangyoon(Steven) Bae
Country: South Korea

Find out more through: www.pgginsengstore.com and their Instagram