Grains for a Day

Grains for a Day

Outstanding in Functionality | Food

"‘Grains for a Day’ is a product for today’s hectic people. 12 different grains are pre-mixed in an individual plastic bag. 
‘One bag, a day’ is just enough. Cook rice with Grains for a Day for your nutritionally balanced diet. 
The key point for the design of Grains for a Day is ‘customer’s convenience’. Just tear the wrapper along with ‘easy tear line’. Scissors are not needed.
Transparent bottom of the individual wrapper shows customers which grains are inside straight away. A window on the front side of the packaging tells customers the amount of their Grains for a Day left over.
A whole packaging of Grains for a Day pursues minimalism. It helps customers take away messy plastic containers on the shelf. Grains for a Day makes customers’ kitchen neat and tidy without any unnecessary plastic containers.
‘The beauty of empty space’ is a principal concept of the packaging. Restrained color, simple decoration and font’s suitable size and thickness show the product’s genuine value intuitively.

Furthermore, the serif typeface adds Korean flavor to the design to raise its completeness."

Client: Zipbanchan
Designer: DaHye, Jeon
Country: South Korea