Brown Rice by Mercy Juice

Brown Rice by Mercy Juice

Outstanding in Materials | Food

"In Korea, there are many singles aged 25 to 36 who live in the form of one household.
When they prepare a meal, they will only have one serving of rice.
Since most rice packages are in the form of envelopes(ex.Vinyl pack with large entrance) 
it is difficult not only to adjust the amount when making rice, but also to keep the remaining rice is not easy.
In order to solve these problems, *Mercy Juice designed a new rice package using existing Korean traditional sake bottle.(*Mercy Juice : A juice company that processes good materials honestly and makes good food.)
When designing, I tried to keep some principles.
01. Directly traded good quality brown rice (This brown rice has four colors and has 13% moisture.)
02. Easy to adjust volume
03. It is easy to keep refrigerated as you keep drinks
04. Good for gifts.
Our truly wish is that this product sells a lot and our farmers have bigger benefits."

Company: Mercy Juice
Creative Director: Lee Young Won
Country: South Korea