Puré Chocolatier

Puré Chocolatier

Outstanding in Form  |  Food

"The brand concept is "to connect people to people through Hitotubu candies". Puré Chocolatier has been a popular item among the puré gummy series, made with high quality chocolate which was carefully selected. In order to maximize the visual communication in busy places such as train stations, illustration of the flavors was extended on the entire surface on the background color varies with the flavor. As a result, customers can recognize the right box at one glance."

Client: KANRO Co.,Ltd.
Design Company: DRAFT Co.,Ltd.
Art Director: Akiko Sekimoto
Designer: Akiko Sekimoto, Kazama Iwanaga
Producer: Miou Takei (TOKYO DESIGN WEEK Co. Ltd.), Minako Nakaoka
Photographer: Keisuke Ono
Country: Japan