Shinsegae Craft Liquor

Outstanding in Creativity  |  Beverage

"Shinsegae Craft Liquor Design Renewal is a design talent donation project of Shinsegae department store to flourish the traditional liquor market in Korea. Korean traditional liquor contains different ingredients of various tastes and smells from various regions. However, its identity was not as much recognized as wine or Japanese sake.

The overall design was renewed to maintain the tradition and features of liquor and to build up a single representative identity.

Korean traditional liquor can be classified into three main categories: fruit-based liquor, rice wine and distilled liquor. A design that unifies the three categories together as a single look and at the same time distinguishes each of their endemic features was desperate.

The design concept based on the history of Korean traditional liquor was mainly focused on taste, smell and the impression each color delivers.

For the project, three main design keywords were deducted. Consistency that fully represents Korean traditional liquor, differentiation that distinguishes fruit-based liquor, rice wine and distilled liquor based on its manufacturing procedures and flexibility to reflect distinctive features the three, made of different ingredients from various regions through unique processes, has.

Three sets of icons were made for each category to represent the ingredients and unique manufacturing process that they went through. These icons were arranged into peculiar patterns for each category. The three sets were differentiated by its combination but unified by identically using line drawing method.

The will to preserve our tradition was conceptualized through the shape of the bottles. Based on this background, the bottles were formed of joined straight lines to visualize our progressive spirit."

Client: Shinsegae Department Store
Design Company: Plus X
Creative Director: Myungsup Shin
BX designer: Jinwoong Seo, Jihoon Kim
Product designer: Youngin Koh, Hyun Lee
BX Planner: Taesu Im
Country: South Korea