SHAQUDA Gift Collection

Outstanding in Materials  |  Beauty & Cosmetics

"The fusion of Kumano traditional techniques and modern design sensibility usher in the new era brush brand "SHAQUDA". Simple yet gentle design. Invokes a graceful poise and decor while soothing the skin and enriching the mind. SHAQUDA proposes a lifestyle that is filled with comfort and tranquility. The concept of "the Air of Me" brought to you through an unprecedented unique value creation. 

Pure form inspired by authentic style. Seeking a hair tip of velvety smoothness and manufactured environmentally friendly. Integrated makeup brush without a metal ferrule is a revival of the original brush making style. Walnut wood surface and superb hair tip fit ergonomically into the hand, fingers, or face edge, invoking a graceful poice while using. Natural wood finished with walnut oil as the level of comfort increases with each use, a design that is a tried and true time honored classic. Making it gentle and warmth each time."

Design Company: Terauchi Design Office Co., Ltd
Creative Director: Yumi Terauchi
Country: Japan