Sugar Cosmetics

Outstanding in Appearance  |  Beauty & Cosmetics

"Sugar is a make-up brand owned by Fab Bag, a popular beauty/grooming subscription service. Designer worked with Fab Bag to create the sugar brand to be chic yet approachable, sophisticated but with the quirkiness to appeal to a younger demographic and most importantly, a brand that would stand on its own in a market dominated by larger global brands. Essentially, a challenger brand!

They carried forward this approach of creating a challenger brand to the work on the packaging design, aiming to create a distinct identity for the products. They launched with a range of 7 make-up products - Eye Line, Kajal, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Lip Crayon, Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick. 

Some research on current products in the market revealed a certain "sameness" in the packaging of most brands in the premium segment. All of them were highly sophisticated and bland. We created a distinct look for Sugar using the triangulated illustration style. It unified all the products and created a memorable visual identity for the products."

Client: Sugar Cosmetics
Design Company: Beard Design
Creative Director: Abhisek Sarda
Designer: Ishwari Dhadge
Country: India