TEA on a journey

TEA on a journey

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"TAKIBI BAKERY creates products with the keywords 旅 ("tabi", journey) and 焚き火 ("takibi", a bonfire). Matches are now gradually unused, but an essential item for bonfires. 
We designed with a rather nostalgic match box as a motif, and also in a size fit for a small journey. 
There is no country in the whole world that doesn't drink tea. 
Instead of reproducing the teas of various countries, we looked at the country with a sense of adoration, and with that image as a basis, the tastes and design of the teas were created."

Client: CIRCUS INC. 
Design Company: Murakami Art co., ltd
Art Director: Yoshio Suzuki (CIRCUS INC.)
Designer: Yuya Suzuki (Murakami Art co., ltd)  
Country: Japan