Teng, Fish Sausage

Teng, Fish Sausage

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"The objective of the package design is initially created for changing the old package as a new line of product development (new SKU for new target)
The culture of Thai-Chinese shows many design development in Thailand, especially in Food culture. Chinese sausage is one of very traditional and it is very fascinating to disrupt the way they are, and to attract new target with new way of product display.
The way we design is based on the old purpose of product, Chinese sausage that made by Seven-striped barb’s meat.
What we draft up is the sketch design on for the sausage cover with Seven-striped barb pattern and green-red mixed color at the tails area as the actual color with modern drawing to make it cute and catch attention easily. The cover is partially wrap to let buyer see the sausage meat and with the traditional way on braided rope for the sausage to make it easy to hang and sell. New package contains two sausages, this could let them buy easier instead of four pieces of sausages for 1 portion."

Client: 77 Experience, Ministry of Commerce / Teng Products
Design Company: ARN Creative Studio
Designer: Kittaya Nanthakwang
Creative Director: Puntit Dinakara na Ayudhya
Account Director: Saifon Hanchaikul
Country: Thailand

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