Warunori Snacks

Warunori Snacks
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Outstanding in Creativity | FOOD

“Lifestyle changes, especially with decreased rice consumption, effected the opportunities for people to consume original and/or seasoned seaweed. We wanted people to continue eating seaweed (easily) and we wanted to become one of “the world’s most interesting seaweed shop”. From these thoughts, and after numerous tastings, we concluded that seaweed in a snack form was the best way to go.

Seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, and so on. We seasoned the product with local flavours: Okonomiyaki, Setouchi Lemon, etc., so people can learn more about Hiroshima - its dialect and (food) culture - as it was one of the top producer and distributor for seaweed. We hope that this product (packaging and flavours) can widely convey the Hiroshima-ness to the world.”

Client: Marutokunori Inc.
Design Company: Dentsu Inc.
Creative Direction: So Yamada
Art Direction: Osamu Takahashi & Takeshi Kuroiwa
Copywrite: Mariko Fukuoka
Country: Japan

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