Outstanding in Form | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

"The triangular shape and the texture is achieved by moulding a natural stone surface.

Natural x Honest x Creative − these three elements represent the brand’s name THREE. This philosophy is symbolized in a triangular shape, and by tracing the texture of natural stones, the design emphasizes the power of nature.

The natural stone pattern applied to the lids reflect the beauty and essence of nature. The pattern is harmonized with an elegantly soft texture, and emphasizes the high quality of the product.

The triangular shape is delicately tapered from top to bottom. This unique detail creates a comfortable grip, and brings deep connection between the mind, body and the three elements of THREE.

By unifying the earth, nature and human, the design not only awakens all senses, but also brings the hidden charm of oneself and leads to a praise of the beauty."

Client: ACRO Inc.
Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka
Country: Japan

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