medel natural white line

medel natural white line

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"Brand concept: Filled with the beauty of Japan.
Medel Natural is a total skincare brand that was created with the concept of leaning closer into one's lifestyle. 
For the hair and skincare series, plant based ingredients familiar with Japanese lifestyle are uses, such as ceramide derived from domestic rice, and spring waters from notable sources in Japan.
Essential oils were blended to create a moment of relaxation for women who have any stress. With the power of aroma, we support the balance of your heart and skin.
The brand Medel Natural was made in hope that products with the concept of using the power of plants will spread in Japanese drugstores. To make it approachable especially for those who are new to natural products,  the following points were discussed with the designer during the development. 

- To meld into any scene in one's lifestyle. To be simple and sophisticated
- To be able to imagine the harmony of the plants upon viewing the package
- To make it approachable with a sense of allure, even for those with no interest in natural product

In the emblem, the combinations of plants used in the Medel series is illustrated. Japanese rice, calendula, camomile. 

Design concept: As it is a product that is highly plant based, I wanted to create an emblem that expresses its richness. It is finished off with a neutral and modern expression for the motif — in hope that many people will use the product."

Full product name: Medel Natural White Face Wash Wild Rose Aroma (medicated facial cleanser)

Client: BbyE Corporation
Design Company: Woolen
Designer: Naoko Fukuoka
Country: Japan

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