Jeju Pure Water

Jeju Pure Water

Outstanding in Materials | Beverage

"Jeju Pure Water is premium mineral water which is made of volcanic water in Jeju Islands. Jeju Pure Water had an ambiguous brand identity despite of its good quality in the market. Jiyoun Kim intends to make a new brand identity with two intuitive and direct keywords, Sky and Water that can leave strong impressions on people. Customers can experience the premium quality by removing the cap that is fully covered with PVC film, and feel the blue sky reflected on water through the translucency of its film. Also, the brand new Jeju Pure Water is designed in rectangular shapes for storage-effective in shipping process based on B2B market system."

Client: Hanjin
Design Company: OTR
Director: Jiyoun Kim
Designer: Jiyoun Kim / Jaeyoen Soel
Country: South Korea

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