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"WASARA is a series of paper tableware that when holding a plate, its form, texture and ease of use will make one smile, which also underlies the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and value sense.

Though WASARA can be used only once, it is designed to minimize the environmental burden, by using reed pulp and bagasse, that is, sugarcane waste for its materials. Reeds have strong life force and are in no danger of extinction, whereas bagasse is perfect for paper material, and in the end they will return and decompose into the soil. WASARA is an eco-friendly tableware brand that applies natural practice of waste reduction, which compliments with spiritual richness.

The tableware fits comfortably in the hands with a sense of stability. WASARA ‘s form and texture make it distinct from other disposable ware. Selecting tableware that best suits each ingredient or dish is a common practice for Japanese. Enjoying meals with vision as well as taste, sensing seasons with ingredients with plates, WASARA adds beauty to a casual gathering."

Client: WASARA
Design Company: SIMPLICITY
Creative Director: Shinichiro Ogata
Producer: Michiyo Tanabe
Country: Japan