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Outstanding in Materials | OTHERS

"Made for those who want to enjoy sake, we pursued the convergence of sake and sake cups to develop a product that creates a new sense of value. IKKON is named from the Japanese "Ikkon = to drink together; the sake etiquette".

The curve within the double walled cups are made in three variations in form, where the differences in flavour can be enjoyed. "Round" for a mellow flavour, "narrow" to enjoy the transformation, "straight" for a bold flavour. 
The form within the cup is carved on the outer surface to visually communicate the forms. We focused on changing the curves to bring change to the flavours using the "double firing" technique in "Oborisoma ware", a traditional craft that has a history of nearly 300 years. It has the functions of heat insulation, cooling, and manages to keep the cup cool even with a hot drink inside.

The packaging is designed for everyone to be able to take into their hands with ease, and in an enjoyable form that can be given as a gift. It would be nice if many people take about IKKON in this package."

Client: Gatch Inc.
Designer: Yumi Terauchi
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://ikkon.life/ and their Instagram or Facebook