MUKURI spoon

MUKURI spoon

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"This cutlery was created to cherish a child's curiosity and motivation of wanting to eat by themselves. Its form that slowly draws a curve takes into consideration the ease of grip and of eating. Safety is considered as well; it's shape making it difficult for the piece to go further into a throat. "To be independent" is used as a humorous gimmick as well. We named it むくり ("mukuri", to rise), as if the spoon is raising its head, and thus the name "MUKURI spoon" stuck. As the head of the spoon is elevated, it serves another function, and results in a sanitary and practical solution. Each piece is cut out carefully from solid wood in local Japanese factories, and finished with beeswax made from natural materials. 
The outer package reflects the form of the product, following its soft curves, and its simple and clean design highlights the wooden grain. And just like the product within, the package uses the gimmick of "becoming independent" as well."

Design Company: SUIT DESIGN / sloup
Product Design: Tomotaka Nagao (SUIT DESIGN)
Art Direction / Design: Takashi Kimura (sloup)
Photo: Misa Shigematsu
            Yosuke Takeda (gabby photo)
            Takashi Kimura
Country: Japan

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