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"This product is a senko hanabi (線香花火, sparkling fireworks, or literally incense stick fireworks) made using traditional Japanese methods. There are only three senko hanabi makers left in Japan to date, but Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks aims to make products that depict the symbol of the senko hanabi sparkler in hope that there will be a revival to the industry. We've re-looked at all materials, and created a product that strongly reflects our brand concept. 

A paulownia box is used for the package. It's not very well known, but senko hanabi sparklers age well, its materials melding together with time — and so we have decided to use a paulownia box with high qualities of preservation. By using the sparklers little by little over the years and decades, we wish for people to enjoy the subtle changes over time.

To this, we have included an original Japanese candle to the package, designing the space itself for users to enjoy the senko hanabi.

Seven years have passed since its initial release, and there is a feeling that it is slowly being re-recognised domestically. Without renewing its original form, we wish to continue selling it as it is, and for it to remain as a symbol of the senko hanabi."

Full product name: Senko Hanabi Tsutsui Tokimasa | Hanahana

Client: Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks co., ltd.
Design Company: Nakaniwa Design Office
Director: Hidemi Nakaniwa
Country: Japan

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