100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

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"@aroma's brand concept is "100% natural". 
From producing aroma products to scented interiors, @aroma's various creations is connected by the belief that nature itself is the origin of scent. And with careful attention and a specific sensitivity, we truly wish to draw out its power in these spaces. 
@aroma's aroma oils are derived from many different flowers and leaves of plants, trees, and fruits, and for increased function and effectiveness, blended by the hands of a designer to create the 100% natural essential oils. 
We have carefully selected high quality oils from across the world for people to enjoy its use with peace of mind, and extended the product lineup for users to choose from and suit their diverse range of lifestyles."

Client: @aroma
Design Company: Design Studio S / Hiromura Design Office
Crieative Direction / Product Design: Fumie Shibata
Graphic Design: Masaaki Hiromura
Country: Japan

Find out more on: https://www.at-aroma.com/Online storeFacebook and Instagram