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"In the past, a wide variety of trees grew in the mountains of Tokyo; yet, to respond to the rise in demand during the period of high economic growth, natural forests were cut down and large amount of cedar and cypress planted in place for building materials. 
However, the demand for domestic timber was pushed down by cheaper foreign-made materials. Currently, many are left untreated as they do not sell even if cut down. 
In the Tama area of Tokyo, we promote the use of wood left unused, and are going through the process to revive the mountains. 
KINO - Tokyo Tree Products - was made from the hope that it will act as a catalyst for people to come in touch with trees on a daily basis, to come to like them, and eventually grow interest in the mountains of Tokyo. The materials used are from trees in Tokyo called "Tama wood material". 
"KINO TSUKURU KIT" comes in three types: spoon, butter knife, and chopsticks, and by scraping and sanding away the semi-finished material by yourself, it is finished in beeswax for completion. 
By thinking, "What will I make for whom?" and "What am I making this tool for?" as you make with your own hands, you will realise that the tools you were once using without much thought has much meaning in its form. 
From "buying what you want" to "creating what you need". 
We hope that the joy of taking the time to use your hands to make and grow — will spread to our everyday lives."

Company: budori
Director: Aya Kiuchi
Designer: Sayaka Sakamoto
Country: Japan

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