Outstanding in Appearance | Beverage

"LABNOSH is a complete meal from South Korea made by simply adding water. By adding water and shaking, you can intake 3 major ingredients with several vitamins and minerals at once. This one bottle is a complete meal.

In modern life, people desire for simplicity. Future Meal ‘LABNOSH’ is simply made and it gives you the simplest way of having a meal. It will save your time so you can invest your time in more valuable activities.
We wanted to deliver a message of ‘value in simplicity of fast and compact meal’ and ‘the emotional composure from the value’. So we wanted to express the feelings of consolation when people see the sky in a rush of life. We caught the color from a dawn, sunset glow and the morning sky. Then we matched them with the each flavor’s colors. When the powder meets water, they turned out to a meal shake. That is expressed as gradation.

For users to drink LABNOSH with shaking, we made a bottle to be grabbed and carried easily. Through designing the bottle shaped round and adding bumps at the bottom side, the powder in a bottle is blended well."

Design: LABNOSH design team
Creative Director: Minjin Lee
Designer: Yoojin Park, Minjung Jung
Photographer: Jinsol Kim
Country: South Korea

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