9h nine hours

Outstanding in Functionality | Beauty & Cosmetics

"It's said that the average time a person travelling for business will stay in a hotel is 9 hours. Shower 1h + sleep 7h + getting ready after waking 1h = 9h. This is an accommodation suitable for this 9 hour stay. At 9h, we've taken out the TV set and unit bath found in typical hotels, and specialised our functions to showering and sleep. As functions were simplified, we pursed the comfort of each of the functions, and designed tools for the city that were high in performance despite their single having a single function. To make a short stay more fulfilling, towels and amenities that directly touch your skin are considered and are of high quality. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soaps are made from natural materials and were developed exclusively by Tamanohada. All items used in the building are integral aspects of the 9h system, and designed accordingly to the concept."

Client: 9h nine hours
Design Company: Design Studio S / Hiromura Design Office / Nakamura Design Office
Creative Direction / Product Design: Fumie Shibata
Sign & Graphic Design: Masaaki Hiromura
Interior Design: Takaaki Nakamura
Country: Japan

Find out more on: https://ninehours.co.jp/ or their Twitter and Facebook