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"Originated in Barcelona, Spain, "papabubble" is an art candy shop that Kanno Limited. (location: Nakano Ward, Tokyo, representative: Seiwa Kanno) developed in Japan making use of traditional confectionary craftsmanship.
With the vision of "Japan's most interesting sweets shop", in recent years we've extended our development to gummis, caramel, marshmallow, and other soft candies, and operate nine directly managed stores. The original "Chitose candy" was released as of the 21st of September, 2016.
For Japan's traditional culture of Shichi-Go-San (a festival day in Japan for girls aged three and seven, and boys aged three and five), we took the classic "chitose-ame" (candy sticks children are given on the day) to develop our very original, made with the thought that children can carry around and eat adorably while enjoying its deliciousness. Flavours come in three varieties: strawberry, cola, and lemon. We were particular about the packaging as well, designed by Mustsumi Kagoshima, a ceramic artist living in Fukuoka. He comments, "I made sure to illustrate without the preconceptions of what Chitose ame should be, and thought to just make a very fun bag. I myself think that I'd like to spend time getting along, just like the grandfather, grandmother, dogs, and cats." To be enjoyed not only by children, but makes adults want one too — a chitose ame like no other was created."

Country: Japan

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