Nara Pickles

Nara Pickles

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"Our design concept: 「奈良をいっぱい詰め込んで」—
"Filled with Nara" in Japanese.
A souvenir from Nara — to give to somebody you love.
This product was made with such thoughts.

This project was born in Nara, and made by people living in Nara. 

We aimed at integrating the product development and its design as closely as possible, working with the branding director from the very beginning, and thought of the design together on site. Nara Pickles was made in such an environment, enabling the creation of a package that is at one with the product itself. 
A creation that uses the advantages of being a small company to its full potential. 

The main characteristics of the pickle is a Japanese herb called "Yamato Touki" (Yamato Angelica), a special product from Nara prefecture. We have illustrated this on the head of the package, and is filled with the leaves of the herb and a carrot cut out into the shape of a deer, a symbol of Nara. In Nara, deers are worshipped as messengers of God.
When giving pickles, the giver wishes for the happiness of the person who receives it, and the receiver is bound to feel the wishes upon receiving the gift."

The full line up: Nara Pickles Yamato Touki-zuke
                         "Mixed Pickles" / "Yamato Mana Pickles"

Design Company: KAMEI ANJOU CO., LTD.
Creative Director & Designer: Shoko Urakubo
Country: Japan

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