Outstanding in Functionality |FOOD

"A canned version of the Danish bread "Bologna" which originated in Kyoto Gion.
"Delicious canned food" that can be stored for a very long time. 
With a moisture and tastiness that's hard to believe it's canned.
It can be used as stock for times of disasters, as emergency food, or be used for leisure or food during outdoor activities. 
There are two pieces in one can, so we recommend that you share it with another person. 
If you take it out from the can and microwave it, you can enjoy the fresh taste of bread."

Client: MARS INC.
Design Company: MARS INC.
illustrator: Keiko Shibata  
(After graduating Nara College of Arts and working in a design office, she began freelancing from 2002. In 2003 she wins the JEANS FACTORY CONTEMPORARY ART AWARD, and the 2nd prize at the "Note Exhibition" for her illustrations. Regardless of genre; whether it is a magazine, book, or advertisement, she takes value in expressing colours, people, and things through her creations.)
Country: Japan

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