CANNED MACKEREL -Kito Yuzu Salt & Olive oil Taste-

CANNED MACKEREL -Kito Yuzu Salt & Olive oil Taste-

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"We are a kito yuzu agricultural corporation with a long history; in the mountains of southwest Nakacho, Tokushima Prefecture. 
Why we thought to produce canned mackerel deep in the mountains: yuzu is a major supporting act in cooking, and from a long time ago on this land — we have a history of curing fish with yuzu to make sushi, and stuffing fish into yuzu and heating it to take away the fishiness.
This is a product that uses the flavour of yuzu to its full potential. The design is the face of the product, and without displaying the yuzu too much, we illustrated a fatty mackerel of Choshi town in salt and extra virgin olive oil, with the kito yuzu on the side.
We are currently working on over 40 different kito yuzu products, but all of them aim for a design that delivers the aroma and flavour of this Japanese citrus to the world." 

Client: ogonnomura co.,ltd.
Design Company: ogonnomura co.,ltd.
Designer: Koji Kamiyo / Kunie Kamiyo
Country: Japan

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