Minamisanriku Tako Curry Bread

Minamisanriku Tako Curry Bread
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“Minamisanriku shopping district is famous for its fresh seafood and produce. With the concept to create a product that ‘everyone can easily eat and enjoy’, the Minamisanriku tako (octopus) curry bread was born.

The curry bread is slender in shape and red in colour. This reminds people of a boiled octopus tentacle, an impactful visual we wanted to achieve. To compliment this appearance, we went ahead with the octopus illustration. With this packaging, it looks like an octopus tentacle is peeping out of the bag. Easy to eat and fun to look at - the development was discussed and agreed upon by all the staff members.

The spiciness of the filling is balanced with the flavour of the octopus and sweetness of the garlic. The curry filling is slightly on the mild side so everyone, both adults and children, can enjoy. Each bread is fried to order - we want everyone to enjoy the warm crispy tako curry bread.”

Client: YAMAUCHI Co., Ltd.
Design: YAMAUCHI Co., Ltd.
Country: Japan

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