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Neko Musubi (Cat Ties)
"An original furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) for Benesse House Shop, adjacent to Benesse Art Site — on Naoshima, a remote island floating on the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. On this island live many different lovable stray cats. These cats are made into furoshiki. By placing the cat in four directions through a simple design, the four cats show various expressions depending on how you wrap the cloth. The colours are also arranged so that the knot becomes its ears. 
In memory of visiting the island, and as a souvenir for a friend. It's a furoshiki that is not available online and can only be purchased on the island of Naoshima."

Client: Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Benesse House
Design Company: Oncyu & (COCHAE)


Burasagari COCHAE (The Hanging COCHAE)
The Monkey, The Sloth, and The Bat

"When hung from your shoulder, to look like an animal is hanging off of you; and when held from your hand, it's as if it's going out together with you. Simply wrapped from a single wrapping cloth, a hanging creature is created. Unique and a tad cunning. To be able to be wrapped in a number of methods, the design is finished off simply. It's designed to look endearing from the back as well. As a bag and for on the go. To hang in your room as storage. We wish for you to use it as an accent for your interior as well."

Client: Hanging COCHAE: Yamada Textile Co., Ltd.  (Furoshiki maker of Kyoto)
Design Company: Oncyu & (COCHAE)
Country: Japan

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