Yamato Glue Bottle

Yamato Glue Bottle

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"Until the 1950s, starch pastes were sold in glass containers, which was inconvenient because of its heavy weight and tendency to crack.
To solve this inconvenience, a plastic container was used — for the first time ever — for glue. The container is light and unbreakable, and easy to handle. A tube container was first used, and the bottle form adopted in 1958. 
With a change in time and listening to the needs of the customers, the good sense of touch, its good appearance and soft image, as well as the functions of the lid were considered to incorporate a new air to the design in 1980, resulting in the current form of the bottle. 
The yellow lid and blue body that has been used since its first launch inherits the Yamato glue that was in its glass bottle, imagining the blue of the glass and the golden lid used. 
Under the initiative of the president at the time, the designs were carried out with thorough consideration within the company."

Company and Design: YAMATO CO., LTD.
Country: Japan

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