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"With Mitsukoshi Isetan Group's theme of "MAKE" (connecting people through making" as a basis, we wondered whether we can do a Christmas campaign unique to department stores. This thought gave birth to the idea to give the shopping bag the leading role. A shopping bag that is handed directly to customers is a "communication tool" unique to department stores, and a "fashion item" that is very much like Mitsukoshi Isetan. 
In considering the design of the bag, we arrived at "oruorubag" ("oru" is "to fold" in Japanese), which changes its form through folding, and showing new expressions through new structures. We took careful attention to make a bag that everyone will be able to enjoy folding. Through trial and error, we brought a simplicity that will make every person want to try and fold the bag, as well as quality in its design — and under the supervision of Professor Jun Mitani of Tsukuba University, developed four methods of folding called "OMUSUBI", "KINCHAKU", "HENOJI", and "KIRIKO". For its colours and patterns, African textiles from a company called Vlisco were used.
Before anything, the act of folding brings forth Japan's culture of "origami" (playfulness), and "orikata" (a courteous heart). Through this shopping bag, we hope for people to take the time to feel the joy of giving presents."

Client: Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Design Company: Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Art Director / Designer: Sato Yanai / Sachiko Iwabuchi  
Textile Design: VLISCO
Country: Japan

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