E NATURE Cosmetics

Outstanding in Appearance  |  Beauty & Cosmetics

"Pursuing true naturalism in the cosmetics industry, E NATURE reinterprets the sun, the moon and the mountain peak with a modern viewpoint from Irworobongdo (Painting of Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks) and expresses the organic lines of the East as modernly as possible.

The package consists of 13 lines, and each line has its own motif inspired by nature, which not only succeeds the wisdom of our ancestors who loved nature but also suggests a new type of naturalism.

The whole range uses the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper stock and is printed with eco-friendly soy ink."

Client: Hanbul Cosmetics Co., LTD
Design Company: minimalist
Creative Director: Wonchan Lee
Product / Packaging Designer: Wonchan Lee, Minhong Kim, Hyeonsik Cheon
Interior Designer: Minhong Kim, Hyeonsik Cheon, Ohyun Kwon
Photographer: Wonchan Lee
Styling: Jiyeon Kang
Country: South Korea