Grandpa Lai's Honey

Grandpa Lai's Honey
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Outstanding in Appearance | FOOD

“Our client has been a traditional bee farmer for 100 years. This project was to explore new market possibilities through launching a new product line. Five Metal Shop was responsible for repositioning the products, communication strategy, identity and packaging designs. The aim was to expand client’s customer base to younger generations and we decided to use the language our potential market understands. The ‘Gourmet Honey Pairing’ concept was created to address this.

Honey from different seasons and flowers tastes subtly different and various types of mono-floral honey are a key feature of our client’s products. FMS adopted a wine & cheese ‘pairing’ concept and introduced a wide range of food and tea pairing recipes with respective honeys through packaging design. The new product identity and packaging generated much inquiries from younger generations who had never bought local honey and it also become a good gift item option.”

Client: Hung Gee Bees Farm
Design Company: Five Metal Shop
Creative Direction: Chingwen Chen
Design: Chou Yu Ling, Kuo Yi Chiau
Illustration: Ryo Takemasa
Country: Taiwan

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