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"There's a negative image to waste — but if that image disappears, won't there be more people who will take an interest in garbage bags? To those unresponsive to calls of "Let's think about the waste problem!", would they take even a bit of notice if that call for action is changed to "Let's play with the waste problem!"? This garbage bag was created with that thought in mind.

When neighbourhood residents bring their garbage bags to the designated area for them to be taken away, I wanted them to be able to create an installation, a single artwork. This garbage bag takes on a role in creating a new expression in the neighbourhood every morning. "Blue oceans", "Vivid red flower fields", and "green mountains" will suddenly appear in street corners, and change the boring act of taking out the trash into a happy act where one will feel like an artist. 

The concept of this project isn't just to design a garbage bag, but a new attempt to design the whole process of a person's time, action, and the feelings evoked when they take out the trash. What matters is that we haven't applied beautiful patterns to garbage bags, but attempted to redesign the image of taking out the trash. If the image of trash collection areas and the act of taking out the trash changes, our manners will change, the landscape of the area changes, and new values will emerge in the city. An individual's civic pride will also be borne. We believe many different effects can be anticipated."

Design Company: MAQ inc.
Creative Director: Yoshihiko Yamasaka
Art Director: Shinya Seko

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