Outstanding in Creativity | Food

"Gift packaging for Moriguchi pickles, a speciality of Nagoya (prefecture in Japan). As for the outer box — once opened, a delicate sheet of paper that makes one think of sake-kasu (lees left over from sake production, often used as a pickling agent) are used, and as it is turned over, the individual packages rest within. Fresh produce is used, but since they are pickled yearly, the pickles all result in a similar amber colour. For this, pictures turned into illustrations were used to bring out the original materiality of the vegetables. I have never used images as material for my work before, so it was a new sense of expression for me. Filled with the feeling of giving, the pickles are wrapped in a way reminiscent of shūgi-bukuro (special envelopes for momentary gifts)."

Client: Yamatoya Moriguchizuke Souhonke
Design Company: Peace Graphics
Art director / Designer: Hidekazu Hirai 
Copywriter: Maya Segawa 
Photo: Hidenobu Saji
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://peacegraphics.jp/