JIN TAN Golden Rice

JIN TAN Golden Rice
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“Originally a research, aiming to contribute to the efforts to protect the environment, (incidentally) became the start of non-toxic rice cultivation and production. The withered charcoal branches and twigs, once without value, have transformed as natural protector of rice after carbonisation enabling the JIN TAN Golden Rice to grow sturdily in a simple and pure environment.  

After visiting the Dayou Community and understanding its process of cultivation and production, we extracted the elements of charcoal: extending the bold and unrestrained feature and fortitude of the charcoal pencil - sprinkling and painting with the purest intent of the product.

We also adopted the image representing the rice to implant into the brand’s identity, giving the brand the opportunity to pour out the deeper emotions and significance through the details of the design. This allows the consumers to listen attentively to the product’s insistence on environmental protection and its simplicity in the process of cultivation and production simultaneously.”

Client: Dayou Community
Design Company: Existence Design Co., Ltd.
Design: Existence Design Co., Ltd.  
Country: Taiwan

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