Aqua Formosa
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Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

“Not all spring water is drinkable. If the mineral content exceed the acceptable intake or if the water has a strong odour (due to the mineral content), it cannot be consumed. Aqua Formosa is taken from the depths of 1,500 meters of unpolluted rock formations in Puli, Taiwan. The water has the right amount of minerals and it’s colourless and odourless. It is the reason why Aqua Formosa is precious - the first hot spring drinking water in Taiwan.

For three years in a row, it has been awarded with the Belgium based internationally recognised ITOI “superior taste” award. These accolades confirm Aqua Formosa’s unparalleled and uncompromising quality. In addition to this, Aqua Formosa is used in beverage conditioning and high-grade cooking in Japan. It is widely used in cooking, tea making and coffee brewing. Its soft water characteristics successfully bring out and releases the ingredients’ original flavours and tastes.”

Client: Aqua Formosa Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Aqua Formosa Co., Ltd.
Design: Ken Chang
Country: Taiwan

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