MXP Series
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Outstanding in Functionality | OTHERS

“MXP is an underwear brand that applies advanced sportswear and deodorising technology. It utilises both functionality and design to increase comfort and mobility in daily life. The material quickly absorbs, dries, and reduces the smell of perspiration. The basic yet clean design fits seamlessly on anyone.

We didn’t want the packaging design to appear “sporty” or “stylish”. We also avoided using close-up photos of the product. Instead we focused on the bran’s concept: simple and minimal. For the packaging material, we intentionally chose something that was industrial with a slight rough texture. Moreover, we applied a monotone finish with an image of a model wearing the product. The overall look and feel of the brand seems unique and different from other brands.”

Art Direction & Design: Naomi Hirabayashi
Photo: Kazunali Tajima (MILD)
Styling: Yoshiyuki Shimazu
Make-up: FUSAKO
Production: Hiroshi Kagiyama
Country: Japan

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