Marais Perle Piano Cake

Marais Perle Piano Cake

Outstanding in Form  |  Food

"Usually, gift boxes simply line up all the cakes neatly. However, these boxes of individually wrapped cakes are different. Costs were lowered by focusing on only one design, and in making use of all six surfaces, they were able to recreate every type of keyboard. Using this design, they can create any keyboard size, from small keyboards, to full 88-key grand pianos, and even larger.

For example, for one octave of 13 keys, they use 8 cakes. Two octaves, or 25 keys, would be 15 cakes. Three octaves, or 37 keys, would be 22 cakes. And an 88-key grand piano would be a gift box of 52 cakes.

The inspiration for this design, the piano, is an instrument that creates beautiful harmonies from the combination of each individual key’s sound. You could say that society is a lot like this as well. Like the keys of a piano, where no two keys have the same sound, we all have our own individuality, and like the keys of a piano, we are all different colors and creeds, and yet we come together under the same desire for world peace and equality, the happiness of our lovers, friends, family, coworkers, and customers, and of all the people in the world, to create a beautiful harmony. The designer knew that you will be giving this gift to someone important, and you want to give them something that was made with care. They have made each and every one of their gift boxes with their customers needs in mind. A beautiful harmony is like a unique crystal, which can only be made when each of the keys’ individual sounds come together. With each key of this gift box, your feelings are sure to be heard."

Client: Patisserie Perle
Design Company: Latona Marketing Inc.
Designer: Kazuaki Kawahara
Country: Japan