romi-unie jam gift set

romi-unie jam gift set
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Outstanding in Materials | FOOD

“romi-unie, a French confectionary brand with shops in Kamakura and Tokyo, makes and sells jams, baked goods and chocolates in-house. Our fragrant jams are made with a combination of fruits with liquors, teas, spices, etc. This dessert-like jams are made and sold all year round with 100 or more variations. For baked goods like cookies, scones and pound cakes, we use selective butter and flour to create each dessert.

We wanted our packaging to reflect the quality of our confectionaries. Hence we used original yet simple packaging for our boxes, wrapping papers and paper bags. Even the jars for our jams, are originally made to convey the vintage French glassware-feel.

Though we didn’t want anything overpowering, we wanted to make sure our simple packaging is something “cute” that can be given and received as a gift. Even if it meant as a small present for yourself.”

Country: Japan

Find out more on: romi-unie and Instagram.