Outstanding in Creativity | Food

"Takashima Fruity Tomato is a tomato grown in Takashima, a small island in Nagasaki prefecture. 
When we began its branding, what we first touched on was the producer's passion and heart to "deliver sweet and delicious tomatoes". 
To add to this, the delicious tomatoes grown with much love had a unique feature where its cross section was shaped like a heart. 
With that, the name and design of the brand was renewed using the concept of a heart. 
Since its a high quality tomato, the package was designed to be able to be given as a gift. 
A system where the product can be purchased by varying sugar content was also created. 
At the time of the meeting, we heard that they were eventually planning to make melons, garlic, and other agricultural products, leading us to create "Takashima Farm" at its base platform, which we had not imagined of until then. Now, the branding of the tomatoes live in that framework. In the summer of 2018, melons will be shipped for the first time. 
This was a branding process where we reconfirmed our vision and adjusted its place to realise it."

Client:  TAKASHIMA FARM / Sakinaga shipping industry Co., Ltd.
Design Company: DEJIMAGRAPH Inc.
Creative Director: Yuko Maltino Murakawa
Art Director / Designer: Junichi Hayama

Find out more on: http://dejimagraph.com/ and their InstagramFacebook