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Outstanding in Appearance | OTHERS

“An organic water based paint created from Mt. Fuji’s clean water and natural plant-based ingredients. mizucolor can be used both indoors and outdoors, perfect for everyone that enjoys DIYs.

Washin Chemical industry has always manufactured and distributed water based paints. However, to cope with the recent rise in the DIY population, and from the desire and thought to encourage consumers to use safe paints, this series was developed. The product prides itself in using as many natural ingredients (such as Argan oil, walnut oil, etc.), making it safe for families with children and pets to use.

Creating colours that enhance the appearance and texture of trees, we came up with 30 colours that blends well in natural landscapes or scenes. The colours are perfect for interior and exterior - to be used as accent or trend colours in everyday living space.

We want more people to discover the pleasures of painting by themselves and find their “colours” in their everyday living space. mizucolor aims to encourage everyone to enjoy the art of self-expressionism through paint and painting.”

Client: Washin Chemical Industry CO., LTD.
Design Company: FEEL GOOD CREATION INC. & RaNa design associates, inc.
Direction & Color Design: Miyuki Tamai
Logo & Label Design: Kenichi Kinoshita
Country: Japan

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