wazawaza's linen socks

wazawaza's linen socks
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Outstanding in Form | OTHERS

“Users of our brand (breads, products and original goods), not only love the appearance and design but also our manufacturing intentions and quality. ‘Whether our products can be used everyday’ - that’s our brand’s key and main focus. When customers pick up our linen socks, they can feel that the product is truly durable, long lasting and comforting. 

In order to cherish this experience, we purposely did not use a box or bag for the packaging. Instead, we used a label to centre and wrap the product. By doing so, customers can really feel the socks; cuff, leg, heel, foot, sole, and toe. We not only focus on the functionality of our packaging, but also hope to bring positive emotions and good impressions to our customers through our design. Flax plant is softy drawn as an illustration to highlight the material of the product. Airy and simple handwritten typeface was used to highlight the product’s name.” 

Client: wazawaza
Design: Go Uchida
Country: Japan

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