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Outstanding in Form | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“As the proprietary brand of Tin Shing Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Moonsyne is a manufacturer of boutique products made from baby’s first cut hair.

The scholarly dark blue colour is complemented by the pink and bronze to form the overall visual and main colour scheme - the illustration symbolises baby hairs and celebratory fireworks.

The production of brushes using baby’s first cut hair is an ancient Chinese tradition and culture. Baby’s first cut hair has an abundant aura - blessing the child’s academic progress, endowing him or her with peace and prosperity.

With this product, we hope to endow each baby with eternal blessings.”

Design Company: 2TIGERS design studio
Art Direction: Kuan Yu
Design: Yilin Lai
Country: Taiwan

Find out more on: 2tigersdesign and Facebook.