Kouri Konnyaku Sponge Oyasumi Wan

Kouri Konnyaku Sponge Oyasumi Wan

Outstanding in Creativity | Beauty & Cosmetics

"'Kouri Konnyaku Sponge', a face care product made from konnyaku; entirely derived from food-based ingredients. 

The product must be stored in the refrigerator, a delicate and cumbersome method of storage. However, to add to this characteristic and make the use and care for the product much more enjoyable, we adopted a bowl with a lid used for Japanese meals.

The name of the product is "Good Night" bowl. By personifying the konnyaku sponge, it communicates how the product must be handled delicately and with care — expressing the Japanese subtle sense of beauty unique to Japan.

The storage method is communicated through an illustration for people unfamiliar with the product."

Client:  D-FIT Co., Ltd.
Design Company:  D-FIT Co., Ltd. 
Designer: Ayano Sakai
Country: Japan

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