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"Opuro is a product series focused on bath salts, developed by water purifier manufacturers. Babies and those with sensitive skin can use them as the salts clean the water itself. 
We want everyone who values their skin to love the product. With such a thought in mind, the mark of a hot spring (in Japan it's a mark used for hot springs (a place to take a bath)) was taken and developed to create an iconic character, and in shops where flashy products line the shelves, we opted not to convey functions, and instead designed for simplicity that will leave an impression and will be loved by many."

Client: MIZSEI MFG Co., Ltd.
Design Company: MARU / SHINTO TSUSHIN Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Yuta Naruse
Art Director: Koichi Sugiyama
Designer: Koichi Sugiyama / Minako Endo
Country: Japan

Find out more on: https://www.mizsei.co.jp/opuro/