Swan Cider

Outstanding in Appearance | Beverage

"In Japan's beverage industry, thousands of new products are released and quickly disappear every year from large and small manufacturers alike. Within this, a product from a medium sized beverage maker in the countryside was rapidly losing its presence. For Tomomasu Drink, more than 100 years had passed since its establishment by 2004, and "Swan Cider" was one of the many products that had ended production and disappeared. Yet, with the thought that "because products in pet bottles are overflowing the market, a simple cider in old fashioned bottles should have a value in its presence" — the "Swan Cider Reproduction Project" began. Manufactured in the original pale blue glass bottles, the swan logo used in the old product was used to design a fully hand drawn label. The ingredient display and barcode; elements that spoil the old fashioned atmosphere was printed on a round label to the bottom of the bottle. The taste and ingredients used were carefully thought through, and rather than the corn syrup typically used for carbonated drinks, we use cane sugar, which we melt down ourselves to make the syrup, as well as the natural mineral water that springs from under the factory, aiming for a good product not only in appearance but as a whole — as "the rightful cider of Japan."

Design Company: WILLOW
Creative Director: Yuichi Asaba
Art Director / Designer: Yachiyo
Country: Japan

Find out more on: www.tomomasu.co.jp or WILLOW