Daijoubu Soap
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Outstanding in Creativity | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“A husband developed this soap for his wife with weak skin. Using silk fibroin, a skin-friendly protein manually extracted from domestic silk, we want people who care about their skin to use this product. Cleansing and moisturising your skin simultaneously, our soap is suitable for your face and delicate areas.

We aim to create a good soap for all skin types; no added fragrance, colouring agent and preservative. Daijoubu (it’s alright) soap also have the following three things in mind:

  • use all natural ingredients and only what we need.

  • use domestic silk; produce a good cleansing experience without distressing your skin

  • create something that ensures people with skin concerns (tell them ‘it’s alright!’)

Because it is something we use daily, Daijoubu soap was developed.”

Client: iroiro.LLC
Design Company: Study and Design Inc.
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Moe Furuya
Copywriting: Tomoyuki Torisu
Country: Japan

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