SAKURA Party Popper / ROSE Party Popper

SAKURA Party Popper / ROSE Party Popper

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"We’ve all experienced that feeling of loneliness that hits you after a fun party or event, and merrier the time spent, the more it hits you hard — sometimes even greater than before the celebration began. 

These items are an original, and designed to bring back those cheerful moments, creating a joyful and heartwarming feeling.

We aimed to have those who saw the confetti blasting out of party poppers, or paper petals fluttering to the floor, to get a sense of cheerfulness and festiveness, similar to what they would feel when seeing actual showers of sakura, or real rose petals that filled up the aisle for the bride.

Our goal was to have the party popper bring people the same kind of joy they’d experience when they saw the real flower, so intentionally avoided use of photos on the package, as well as real petals. 

Instead, we chose hand-sketched illustrations to depict happiness in a more gentle, softer way. Paper petals were carefully selected regarding thinness of paper, as well as the right amount to place inside. This helped to resemble the actual flower as best as possible."

Design Company: 6D-K co., Ltd
Art Director: Shogo Kishino 
Designer: Shogo Kishino / Miho Sakaki
Country: Japan

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