SAL Headphone

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"Our brand name "SAL" comes from words such as "Smile And Laugh," "Share A Love," and "Style And Live."
The actual product is carefully considered in its design and use of material — with models ranging from casual and colourful models to chic and stylish, allowing each user to coordinate headphones to their mood and style for the day. In fact, we're proposing a new lifestyle where headphones aren't just for enjoying music, and instead as a fashion item where one doesn't just try by listening — but try by wearing. 
Thus, the packaging is designed with the image of a hat box, becoming a product for the interior. We have also realised a new way to enjoy music, as some models are equipped with a share connector, where one can listen to music with their loved ones from between two to eight people at the same time.
Headphones connecting people through music. 
With SAL by amadana, a new life of music begins."

Design Company: amadana corp.
Creative: amadana CREATIVE DESIGN TEAM
Country: Japan

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