tempo mobile package

tempo mobile package

Outstanding in Creativity | OTHERS

"The tempo mobile series is a new form of product that approaches time and space. Created as a result of architects and designers tackling mass and balance; each piece of the mobiles are carefully put together by hand so as to not impair the balance.

To communicate tempo as a brand with an architectural and academic concept, gray cardboard often used for structures such as boxes were utilised, eliminating all ornamentation and allowing only the texture of the paper to remain. It's as if the square box was a concrete block or an inorganic stone.
Part of the mobile peeks through the modest window, revealing the epilogue of the spatial product that will tell its tale very soon. This is what we aimed for in this package."

Client: mother tool inc.
Design Company: DRILL DESIGN Co., Ltd.
Art Director: Yoko Yasunishi
Designer: Ayumi Shinohara
Country: Japan

Find out more through:
http://www.t-e-m-p-o.com/ and their instagram